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    Monday (A)
    Squat 450x3x4, 450x2
    • This is the first time I have ever had 450 on my back. I am so happy about this performance despite the last set giving me trouble. I had some serious GI distress on the fourth set. The latrine and I got real close before the fifth set which left me a little off going for the final triple. I will contemplate whether to just go for 455x3x5 straight up or independently progress the final set (ex. 455x3x4, 450x3). That might be a little silly since it's only 5lb; however, I'll probably just end up feeling out the fourth set and going from there.

    Bench 300x5x3
    • These sets were absolutely EXPLOSIVE! I blew through these with ease and this is an ALL TIME PR. If I can pull off 305 on Friday then I will turn my old 5x3 into a 3x5 PR in about 6-7 months. Very exciting/ encouraging that Thanksgiving will be the day prior so I'll be well fed going in.

    Chin-Ups x8, x7, x6
    • I improved from last week which is a solid sign. I hope I can just improve one rep at a time on each set for the near future.

    BB Curl 85x5x3
    • I am changing up the ol' bicep routine. This week I will be fluctuating rep ranges across the three training days. It's an experiment in more advanced programming for me with an exercise that doesn't produce a lot of fatigue and doesn't really matter.

    Hanging Leg Raise 4x10
    • The candlesticks gave a jolt to my low back early in the set so I swapped them out with these.

    Fatigue: LOW
    Weight: 237
    Q1: SQ +10, BP +5
    Q2: SQ 5-7m, BP 5m
    Q3: 5h // 3,500

    **This is my final guaranteed week of NLP. I'm going to try and put the peddle to the metal hard on Wednesday and Friday. The most likely scenario I am going into is probably about 1-3 weeks of being unable to pick up a barbell. After any absence, I will just back track that time in my program.

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    Wednesday (B)
    Deadlift 485x1 465x1x4
    • Did not want to encumber my progress without the straps. 485 flew off the floor which was fantastic but the grip was giving me problems on the way down which is new for me. My plan was to attempt a 10lb PR for a set of five. That bar was stuck to the ground when I went for a second pull. I'm not totally sure how to remedy the situation but I think I need to continue to increase stress as opposed to focus on recovery. The pulling program is already pretty low stress so I will have to contemplate what to do next week.

    Press 200x5x3, 200x1x3
    • I am not really sure what happened here. The fourth set was difficult but not an "all-out effort". On the fifth set, I just lost the ability to fight the weight 2-3" above my head. I considered that I may have just miss grooved the bar so I gave it 3-4 minutes to try and hit a double. That set was just as much as garbage as the last. Will have to consider what to do for my final week before I'm guaranteed to not be in the gym for at least two weeks. I am considering making the fifth set a modest back off of about 5%.

    Tempo Squat 345x3x5
    • My mind was elsewhere so these were more miserable than usual.

    Preacher Curl 55x10x4
    • Arms...... that's it

    Fatigue: LOW; mental/ emotional stress was higher than hell
    Q1: DL 5m, OHP 5m, Tempo SQ 3m
    Q2: DL +10, OHP +5, Tempo SQ +5
    Q3: 6-7h // 3,500 cal
    ** I received very unfortunate news from the Army which had me pretty P.Oed during the session and a bulk of the morning. I hope that this contributed to my failures more than anything else so I can recover quickly for next week.

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    Friday (A)
    Squat 460x3x2, 460x1x2
    • First time I have ever had 460 across my back and I was able to put it up more than once which is pretty gratifying. It's not the PR I wanted but never the less it's still a PR. For the third set I believed that I had miss grooved the set so I reattempted it. Put up another single and my legs were shaking so I put a stop to the Squats. Do I think if I only jumped 5lb that I would have made the 5x3? No I don't believe that 455x3x5 was possible after today's performance. I could be wrong but I think that with the overeating on Thanksgiving, 7-8h of sleep, and lifting a little later in the morning that I was put in the best position possible. It's my conclusion that if I wasn't going to leave next week that I would have to pivot into Intermediate training anyway.

    Bench 305x5, 305x4, 305x3
    • The second set I fought for a solid 3 seconds at my sticking point (halfway mark). 5lb was a pretty large jump but the training history lead me to believe it was possible and Thanksgiving was yesterday so I thought I had it. No harm no foul I improved my old 3x5 by 22lb, and 300x5 is an all-time PR. This was supposed to be the last bench session anyways so I'm fine with it.

    Chin-Up x9, x8, x7
    • It was nice to celebrate at least one PR

    Monster Mini Band Curl 4x20
    • Arms....

    Hanging Leg Raise 4x10
    • Will probably carry these into Andy Bakers TM since they should carry over nicely to the ACFTs leg tuck (my weakest event).

    Fatigue: LOW
    Weight: 238lb
    Q1: SQ 6-7m, BP 5-6m, Chins 3m
    Q2: SQ +10, BP +5
    Q3: 7-8h // 3,500-4,500 (I'm boozing up tonight)
    ** So all four core lifts have stalled which is fine since I have time for one last workout before I leave. I'm looking at probably 2 weeks of no barbell training as the most likely scenario. I will ponder how to address that when the time comes. Next Monday I will perform a volume day in the Texas Method to induce as much stress that I can before this layoff.
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    Monday (KSC TM VD)
    Squat 385x5x5
    • The weight wasn't difficult but the volume was definitely nauseating.

    Bench 270x5x5
    • These were insanely easy.

    SLDL 295x5x5
    • These were fine. I was burning in the hamstrings and low back after the fourth set. I believe that over the next two days I will feel every single rep I performed.

    BB Curl 85x8, 75x10, 65x8
    Banded Crunches 3x10-20
    Kit Good Morning 3x20
    • These weren't very stressful and I gave myself 15 minutes to get whatever I could done to not prolong the session.

    Fatigue: LOW
    Weight: 239
    Q1: SQ 3m, BP 3m, SLDL 3m, GPP 1m
    Q2: First volume day in KSC TM
    Q3: 5h 30m // 4,500cal
    **I may be able to squeeze in one more session on Wednesday before I take off to the airfield. However, I think that this session was incredibly stressful which may make it unnecessary. I Think that the KSC TM will work for the upper body lifts on deployment; however, I will probably have to do a HLM with the lower body lifts. I could possibly get away with a TM that has rows on VD for the pulling program. Overall I don't think the program as is will work out too well overseas.

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    starting strength coach development program
    very very impressive squats and pulls, well done.

    may our tour overseas be safe

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