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    Bodyweight: 73,3kg/161,4lbs (+0,4kg). Increased my calorie intake to 3500kcal every day, appetite is good, finally not overkilling on fiber so I'm able to keep my appetite high. Even though I don't eat any processed food I can get those calories in easly. Weight has caught up slighlty which is nice to see.
    Squat: 105kg (231lbs) 3sets x 5reps.. Today's session was grindy and super hard, couldn't get tight under the bar and hips/glutes were not moving as they should (you can see some knee caving in 3/4 rep). Will repeat this weight next tuesday after 2 rest days. Nothing bad will happen and I'll be sure about getting stronger using proper form and not just grinding out 5lbs more for the sake of brute progress. Squatting more than 2 big plates for reps feels cool, not gonna lie.
    Bench: 62,5kg 5x5x5. Managed to get all 3 sets of 5 after failing last time and it wasn't super grindy.
    Press: 42,5kg 5 sets of 3. Decided to split pressing progression into 5x3 and 3x5 manner. Volume stays the same, weight on the bar increases if I can get 3x5.
    Deadlift: 105kg x5. So far so good.

    General conclusions: Another stressful week of crunch work on my university studies. Christmas break is near and I have to check all deadlines. Increased my food which feels all right, outside activity stays the same 9-11k steps every day. I still have to decide if I need to incorporate light squatting session middle of the week. I might NDTP in classical manner [ that's why my thread is titled Slavic Strength LP and not Starting Strength ] but Im satisfied with the progress both physiqally and mentally.
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    Bodyweight: 74,1kg/163,3lbs (+0,8kg).
    Squat: 110kg 3x5 (242lbs). Hardest squat session of my life, almost blacked out at the 5th rep of last set but grinded it out.
    Bench: 65kg 3x5.
    Press: 42,5kg 3x5.
    Deadlift: 110kg x5.

    General conclusions: Life stress and physical fatigue has reached it's top. I've felt totally beaten up for two days after last Saturday's workout. 4 weeks of pretty much non stop work for university, lots of life stress and constantly adding weight to the bar has caught up with me and I just need one low-stress week to recover and get some freshness into my training again. I will not deload weight off the bar (maybe just slightly, 5-10kg on the squat), will just work up to one heavy set in each lift. I will go back stronger next week, after some relaxing time during Christmas week break Despite this horrible week I'm still satisfied. I've never squatted 110kg (240lbs) for reps which I consider a nice milestone. Got back to strength training with 50kg squat, now I'm at 110kg in just 7 weeks.
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    great progress, and Merry Christmas

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