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    Hello everyone, I've decided to start recording my weekly training log in this thread (mostly as a diary for myself).
    Since the beggining of this year I've lost about 8kg of weight and did almost zero resistance training- mostly cycling, long power walks (up to 15km) and sometimes dumbells at home.
    Male, 22y/o, height: 185cm (6'1''), starting weight: 71,2kg (157lbs)- perfect picture of praying mantis physique.

    Previous expirence: years wasted in the gym not following any decent strength program- mostly some bro-ish push/pull/legs routines.
    All the gyms in my country are locked down, but I do have access to a private gym (cool place, gym set up in old barn in the middle of the forrest, 20km from my town, deadly Covid-19 can't get me there). I just hope that horrible Polish government won't lock us down at homes, so I wouldn't be able to drive there.

    I have read the book two times- in English and in Polish (decided to buy a physical copy in my mother tounge). Only modification I'm planning to do is swapping power cleans with barbell rows (yeah I know, NDTP).
    Never did NLP. Goals are to get stronger and healthier (both physically and mentally), gain weight. I'm a university student, studying Automation Engineering. This semester we're studying remotely so I don't have much stress in terms of rushing for the classes, dealing with professors, taking the trains, running late etc. I can easly get 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Money isn't the issue since I'm getting nice scholarship and saved some money from summer jobs, so I can afford good quality and quantity of food. If I do f**k up any of the recovery aspect then it's only my fault and I can't blame any outer circumstances.

    I'm training Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and I'll be posting weekly updates on my lifts and subjective feelings (appetite, sleep, any other things that come to mind).

    Starting stats: Squat: 50kg 3x5; Bench Press 40kg 3x5; Deadlift 60kg x5; Press 30kg 3x5.
    Calories: 3000kcal+, 200g+ protein, more carbs on training days, little less carbs and more fats on rest days. I'm amining to gain 0,5kg+ per week, will adjust calories accordingly.

    Squat 60kg 3x5 : Went really smooth, I can probably get away with 2-3 more 5kg jumps.
    Bench 45kg 3x5: Felt light, took one 5kg jump, I'll take 2,5kg from now.
    Deadlift 70kg x6 (miscounted) Felt light, miscounted reps, probably need to squeeze the chest out more and keep the lockout tighter.

    Sleep has been great this week, food is coming in nicely and easy- already seeing appetite improvements, 3000kcal is going like nothing- lots of good quality carbs, veggies, healthy fats and nice meats (tracked my calories for a few days before I started my NLP, just to see how much I was consuming already and they were at 1900-2100kcal per day, mostly from protein and veggies and I just couldn't crush more).
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    welcome! it's great you've read The Book several times in 2'd the translators do? keep eating and do the program as best you can, it really pays dividends

    oh and keep eating

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    I'd say that Polish translation is really accurate, all of the anatomical and form aspects are well presented. As far as keeping Rip's sense of humour and expression style it's also really good. I'd highly reccomend it to someone who doesn't speak English and cannot understand original book or online articles/videos. There is also translation of PPFST which I'm planning to get and read probably next month.
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    Body weight: 72,4kg/159,6lbs (+1,2kg/2.6lbs)- Food at 3000kcal+ every day with 200g protein+.
    Squat: 75kg 3x5- last set recorded (sorry for the quality, send by a friend over facebook): All sets went smooth, bar didn't slow down, just had to squeeze a bit harder on the last rep. Friend made me wear his knee slevees because of my crancky knees, he couldn't stand the noise and sleeves reduced it. They weren't too tight, didn't feel any additional bounce at the bottom, just made my knees warm and comfy. If someone could suggest if I should go for one more 5kg jump depending on the form and bar speed or just go for 2,5kg from now on I'd be grateful.
    Bench: 50kg 3x5. Took just one another 5kg jump as 45kg went really light. 50kg felt good but I will take just 2,5kg increments from now on
    Press: 35kg 3x5. Took two 2,5kg jumps, both went good, no grinding at all, just need to practise hip usage more (as described in the book, now my press is more strict-ish).
    Deadlift: 85kg x5. Seems to be going just right, 85kg felt pretty much the same as 80 and 75.

    General conclusions: Appetite is good, maybe on my rest days I do feel bit too full, probably because of too much fiber (veggies overkill), need to monitor it. Sleep is all right- getting 8-9 hours every day. I'd like too keep gaining weight with this pace (0,5kg+ per week on average). On my rest days I just do a couple of brisk walks after my meals (20-30mins 3x per day) or just one longer walk (45min-60min)- just to keep my appetite high and be able to hit calorie goals. So far so good, will post another update on next Saturday.
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    Body weight: 72,3kg/159,6lbs (-0,1kg since week #2)- Despite increasing calories to 3200kcal+ I've dropped weight (stayed at 72,3kg for 4 days in a row, so it's not one day error)... I guess that whole milk/kefir and peanut butter will become my friends for a little while now. I will keep diary drinks out of calorie count and just hit pint with my breakfast and supper hoping that weight will catch up.
    Squat: 82,5kg 3x5 - decided to go for 2,5kg jumps since beggining of week #3 as my weight didn't go up. Squats are still going really good, bar speed, form and depth are pretty much the same workout to workout. Got my own cheap knee sleeves to keep the joint warm (crancky noisy knees since I can remember).
    Bench: 55kg 3x5
    Press: 37,5kg 3x5
    Deadlift: 95kg x5 - this Saturday's deadlift got really heavy and last rep was grindy and probably ugly as hell. Will probably repeat this weight one time to improve the form and make sure I'm getting stronger in proper movement pattern, without back rounding
    Row: 50kg 3x5- decided to add lighter pulling day, started with easy rows executed as described in the book. Chin-ups: did two sets to failure, just to check if I'm able to do any (never trained chins before), managed to get sets of 6 and 5.

    General conclusions: Sleep is all right, still getting at least 8-9 hours every night. Need to add more food which shouldn't be a problem as my appetite is still quite good, I may be even little hungry on training days. I should be squatting in the 200lbs+ range really soon, so I can't stay below 160lbs bodyweight if I want it to happen.
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