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    Default Ginger Pigglets 2020 NLP

    • wichita falls texas february 2021 seminar
    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    • starting strength seminar february 2021

    I'm gonna post up this past 4 months NLP as this was my first serious attempt at strength training in about 5 years, due to fuckarounditis and inconsistent access to a gym.

    Unfortunately I coincided my home gym dreams with the start of the China virus. As quipment slowly arrived I did what I could with what I had and finally got set up for training In September.

    5 years off is a long time and I got fat 5'10", 350#. 3xl tops, 48" waist.

    My goal was to get my lifts somewhere in the ballpark of their former glory then focus on fat loss after the new year hopefully ending 2020 with DL500#, SQ400#, BP300#, PR, 200#.

    For reference prior lifts at 255# bodyweight
    DL 555#x1, SQ 405#x5, BP 335#x5, PR 225#x5

    Below are the results at new years. And as such I'm gonna try to maintain what I've accomplished as my weight and pants size have not changed much I need a more fat-phobic training program and better diet. But at least I'm strongish again

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    Week 1 SS NLP

    Only recording work sets. All workouts start with with 5min on the echo bike, shoulder stretches the 2x5 sets with empty bar them 3 to 4 workup sets in even increments

    9/2/20 WED

    SQUAT 245# x5x3
    PRESS 135# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 275# x5x3

    9/4/20 FRI

    Squat 250# x5x3
    Bench 215#x5x3
    Deadlt 280#x5x3

    9/7/20 MON
    SQUAT 255# x5x3
    PRESS 140# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 285# x5

    Purposely kept SQ, DL jumps low for DOMs and because I hadn't handled any volume on these lifts in a really long time, usually just single top sets of 3 or 5 reps.
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    Week 2 SS NLP

    9/9/20 WED

    SQUAT 255# x5x3
    BENCH 220# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 290# x5

    9/11/20 FRI

    SQUAT 260# x5x3
    PRESS 145# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 300# x5

    9/13/20 MON
    SQUAT 265# x5x3
    BENCH 225# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 310#x5

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    Week 3 SS NLP

    9/16/20 WED

    SQUAT 270# x5x3
    PRESS 150# x5x3

    DR. apt

    DEADLIFT 320#x5

    Workout broken up with a visit to Department provided phys therapy. Working on shoulder mobility as I can't quite get into proper low bar squat.

    9/18/20 FRI
    SQUAT 275# x5x3
    BENCH 230# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 330# x5

    SQUAT 280# x5x3
    PRESS 155# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 340#x5

    Press 2.0, Hip draaahve becoming important to maintain smooth press.

    Double overhand grip failing on DL work set. Tried the hook grip at 275# for the first time, DO NOT LIKE... which means it's probably good for me. Will program these for 2nd or 3rd warmup set.
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    9/21 - 9/28
    Hunting trip

    Ruck and rifle 60# around 3-6 miles a day at 8-1000 feet

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    SS NLP week 4

    9/29/20 TUE

    SQUAT 285# x5x3
    BENCH 235# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 355#x5

    I misloaded a +15# jump on deadlift, still managed 3 double overhand. My shoulders don't tolerate alternate grip right now. hook grip and/or straps?

    More sore than usual, I probably should have just repeated last week's weights.

    Ordered 1.25# plates for the press, will need them soon.

    10/1/20 Thurs

    Squat 290# x5x3
    No time for other lifts. Working swings tried to pre shift lift.


    Squat 290#x5
    PRESS 160# x 5,4,5
    DEADLIFT 360# x3

    Redo lift warmed up with squats with the intent on just going up to 225# not sure why I did the workset again.

    Press was just a shit rep possibly short rest time. 3rd set went up fine.

    Deadlifts I did at our stations dungeon basement gym. Crap bar, no chalk, or just tired from 12hr shift. This will not stand

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    SS NLP week 5

    10/05/20 Mon

    SQUAT 290# x5x3
    BENCH 240# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 360# x5x3

    Deadlift felt grindy, not locking out all the way. First time I filmed my squats, not bent over enough and breaking parallel inconsistently. Will monitor

    10/7/20 WED

    Squat 275# 3x5
    Press 160# 3x5
    DEADLIFT 345# 1x5

    Reset weight for form creep

    10/9/20 FRI
    SQUAT 280# x5x3
    BENCH 245# x5x3

    Form still not were I want it. Not recovered for deadlift took a rest
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    SS NLP week 6

    10/12/20 MON

    SQUAT 300# x5x3
    PRESS 160# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 350# x5x3

    Squat load error, shit reps left the weight and did the sets

    Long shifts not workout Wednesday.

    10/15/20 THUR
    45# x5x3
    95# x5x5
    135# x5x3

    Squat- bar tracking too far forward. Need to Learn to keep back in extension and sit back/down ..
    Did a room of filmed reps to try to correct form. super sore next few days Lots of fucked up reps.

    Started using a box to force myself to sit back
    "Spread the floor" helps get the knees out.
    Progress up, or fix this issue at this weight?

    10/16/20 FRI
    Squat 305# x5x3
    Bench 250# x5x3
    Pullup 0
    Pulldown 135#x10x3

    Squats and deadlifts on same day getting hard to recover from especially on work days. Adding pulldowns.

    10/18/20 SUN

    Squat 310# x5x3
    Press 162.5# x5x3
    DEADLIFT 355#x5

    All lifts felt good. Lifting on days off feels so much more productive thank lifting work days.
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    SS NLP week 7

    10/20/20 TUE

    Squat 315# x5x3
    Bench 255# x5x3
    Deadlift 255#x5
    Deadlift 365#x5

    Bolted RML4 rack to the ground, sold R3 rack.

    Mixed up deadlift numbers with bench pulled 355x5, fixed the mistake and pulled my work set easy. Still working in hook grip to warmups. Alternate grip felt ok today

    10/23/20 FRI

    Squat 320# x5x3
    Press 165# x5x3
    Pulldown chin grip 145#x10x3

    10/25/20 SUN

    Squat 325# x5x3
    Bench 255# x5x3
    BENCH 260# X7
    DEADLIFT 375# X5

    Misloaded again this time repeated bench. Need to pay attention!. Work set weight for 1x7

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    starting strength coach development program
    SS NLP week 8

    10/27/20 TUE

    Squat 330# x5x3
    Press 167.5# x5x3
    Pulldown chin grip 155# 10-8-8

    10/30/20 FRI

    DL 385#x3

    16 hr shift no time to train except DL in the work dungeon.

    10/31/20 SAT

    At home
    SQ 235#-5-4-5-5
    Then another 16 hr shift
    Reps felt heavy and form sucked, left piriformis starting to ache need to fix form issue Redo lifts on Monday.
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