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    Default 60 yr old Day One

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    Squats, I warm up with 5 praying hands and elbows press knees out form squats, then 2x5 empty bar, and so on.
    Today I did the five form squats, and my lower back said, careful...
    Then on the first rep of the empty bar, my back said, hello I told you...
    Ok, so no squats or deadlifts today. Iíll have to wait a bit longer.

    I got my first covid shot Thursday, and my shoulderís fairly sore, so I swapped A and B workouts and did bench in lieu of presses.

    Bench I did 120 to reestablish my baseline before moving to 2.5 jumps.

    Pull-ups (drag downs still, but are getting decidedly less free fall)

    Fri 4-2-21
    Body 215.4
    Fat 29.8
    Squat nope
    Bench 120
    Deadlift nope
    Pull-ups 3x10 drag downs
    Hill climb 39 min (I think this helps my back, Iím going to try skipping this less)
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    Default 60 yr old Day One

    Back complained again this morning when I reached for something on the counter. So no squats or deadlifts today, sigh.
    Still itís not any worse than I used to do picking up a box of groceries or my bicycle funny. I take comfort that this time it was something respectively heavier.

    Reestablished my press 80 at 3x5.
    Sometime back, I didnít log it, I had spaced my hands a bit wider on my press, such that they were equal with my bench. Based on ďfeelĒ and SS videos, I pulled them back in a couple fingers. It seemed to work fine.

    Sun 4-4-21
    Body 217.7
    Fat 29.8
    Squat pass
    Press 80
    Deadlift pass
    Pull-ups 3x10 (drag downs)
    Hill climb 38 (wife came with, nice)
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    This morning I could put my socks on the normal way without much back protest.
    So I deloaded my squat 20% all the way down to 135. Warmups not too bad, back warning me, but not too bad.
    Work sets, back was throbbing a bit, but steady not getting worse. Like the intro to Smoke on the Water. Finished the 3x5 and gave it the ibuprofen Iíd promised.

    Did my bench at the 2.5 more, went well.
    Didnít dare deadlift today. Hopefully next time.
    Forwent the pull-up (drag downs), and too late for the hill climb.
    Iím hopeful this week puts me back in the saddle.

    Uploaded squat and bench form checks to the YouTube channel.

    Tue 4-6-21
    Body 217.2
    Fat 30.5
    Squat 135 (20% deload)
    Bench 122.5
    Deadlift skipped
    Pull-ups skipped
    Hill climb skipped

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    Default 60 yr old Day One

    Back in the saddle!
    Albeit on a 20% smaller horse.

    Wednesday after my Tuesday workout, I sneezed, no really, and annoyed my back enough to need an ibuprofen. So I pushed Thursdayís workout to Friday.

    Today was good.
    I redid my squats at 135 so I could focus on doing deadlifts today, Iíve laid off them for a while.

    Iím working my squat low bar, ever so slowly getting down. A SS coach recommended I do some extra warmup sets to help my flexibility. This is helping.

    I had my regular checkup today. My doctor walked in all stiff. I asked if he hurt his back. Yes, he did nothing, just woke up and could hardly move. He thinks he has a slipped disc and needs an MRI.
    We chatted about getting old, heís 66.
    I asked him if heíd taken any ibuprofen, he said obviously but itís not helping.
    (I was secretly confirming that if I can assuage my back or knee with just one ibuprofen, it must not be too serious. At least thatís my working theory.)

    He also gave me grief for gaining 10lbs, which I blamed on the COVID shutdown. I think 5 of that might be muscle. But nothing I can point to as proof.

    Sat 4-9
    Body 215.8
    Fat 29.8
    Squat 135 (extra warmup sets for mobility)
    1x5 ďprayingĒ
    3x5 at 45
    2x5 at 70
    1x3 at 90
    1x2 at 115
    3x5 at 135
    Press 82.5
    Deadlift 170 (20% deload)
    Chin-ups pass
    Hill climb did yesterday
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    sneezes can be deadly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bingley View Post
    sneezes can be deadly
    LOL, too true

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