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Thread: Tito’s NLP

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipsta3 View Post

    Squat - 245x5x3
    Press - 95x5x3
    Deadlift - 305x3x1 (failed)

    I am going to attempt the deadlift once again and start slow down to 5 lbs every workout.
    That is probably a good idea. That is the usual procedure when a fail occurs.

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    I started with deadlifts every workout with 10 lb jumps, then every workout with 5 lb jumps. Once that seemed to be too much, I switched to deadlifts just once a week with 5 lb jumps. It has worked pretty well, I passed 400 lbs recently.

    Do you think switching to just one deadlift session per week might be in the future for you?

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