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Thread: Getting started on my first NLP

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    Friday 08/03 - Missed workout. My mum was admitted to hospital on Thursday morning and I was with her at the hospital till Saturday night late.

    Monday 11/03
    Squat - 60kg
    Bench - 30kg
    Deadlift - 92.5kg

    Rest intervals felt really long today. I need to be more patient. Am currently taking 6 mins between sets since it feels during the set that its really heavy, though by 3 minutes of rest I feel
    like I'm just sitting around waiting for paint to dry.

    Finally hit my 60kg squat, it feels good, initially I thought I would have to slow down my increments after 60kg on my squat, but it feels like I have more in me, so ill be carrying on with 5kg
    for the time being (perhaps end of this week? will see).
    Bench still feels light, but at least its still moving. Keeping that increment.
    Deadlift, I could feel myself rounding my back today. I went slower, so at least it felt more like consistent pulls, but I need to work on my form a lot.

    Good workout, good breakfast, on to Wednesday for my next workout

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    Random midweek post, but I thought I'd share.

    I have already gotten compliments that my posture has improved, and that I carry myself better in day to day conversations with people, and I am only 3 weeks in.
    For anyone that has doubt about the quality of life improvements that doing this can bring - I believe you'll find yourself surprised.

    On another note - I haven't changed my eating habits in any way other than adding some additional protein on a day to day basis. Eventually once the workouts become
    a habit, ill look towards modifying my eating to drop some weight, for the time being, I am enjoying adding more plates with every workout, so I'll keep at it.

    I have faced an unfortunate problem.. I keep tearing pants now since my thighs have grown quite considerably from starting the program until now xD

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    starting strength coach development program
    Still going, posting less, since life is getting in the way, and been sick on and off.

    I did have one of the scariest experiences in my life yesterday (though from what I hear its not uncommon).

    During my squats, heavy set, I went down (what I feel was probably a bit too quick), started going up, and my vision went dark, almost blacked out completely. Scared the shit out of me, just
    brings my mind back to being safe during squats and being attentive during sets. I came too fairly quick and was able to push the weight, but I do think it'll make me back off slightly for a session or
    two on the weight and get back up to it

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