I have been experiencing some knee pain and have decided to go on Starr's rehab protocol because it is long overdue for my knees. Anyways, I've been trying to get my form absolutely perfect and I have a question about the 30 degree angle we talk about here in regards to foot stance.

My question arises from when I was helping a buddy squat the other day. His stance was way too wide and he couldn't keep his knees/thighs in line with his feet and I told him that it would be easier to get his knees out of the way if his feet were closer together. He made the adjustment and his knees were in good position, because they could actually reach the point that was in-line with the feet.

With my knee pain I wonder if I am getting into a similar situation with my feet. I know you can't see my normal foot stance but if you think about it, like my buddy's feet were too far apart that the knees couldn't get out that far, is it possible that I have my feet to far open, thus my knees are straining to get that far out yet can't?

The pain is mainly located in the patella tendons which lead me to think that maybe my knees are crashing forward at the bottom but they aren't.

so i guess the underlying question here is, could too big an angle be fucking up my knees?