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    • wichita falls texas june seminar date
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    I am looking to start a run at a SS progression and would like to have some input on my form before I get to far into it....thanks in advance


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    I just checked your squat, some issues:

    1. it looks like you may be using high bar.

    2. you are trying to keep your torso vertical.

    3. your knees are gliding forwards throughout your squat.

    4. your heels are coming of the ground.

    5. you are squatting in running shoes.

    6. your squats are not getting to parallel.

    Correct these simple things by following advice from the book, dvd or countless posts & videos here.

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    I cannot tell if you are using high bar positioning or not, but I agree with Dastardly's points above.

    Your deadlifts look decent, but your shoulders may be slightly behind the bar when you start the pull on a few reps. Also, when you lower the bar on deads, bend at the waist first. When the bar clears your knees, you can bend them more. Right now you are trying to move the bar around your knees on the descent. This is not advisable when things get heavier.

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    I would recommend a short pause between deadlifts, as you're essentially "bouncing" them. Reseting your grip/back/legs between each rep avoids any technique flaws from slipping into longer sets.
    You manage to keep pretty uniform deadlifts in this video, but mistakes are likely to crop up as the weight increases - that weight looks pretty comfortable for you.
    "Bouncing" also puts more strain on the back than reseting does too, since instead of a controlled drop onto the floor, and a deadlift from stationary, a lot of the force off the bar's deceleration/acceleration is put onto your back.


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