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    You don't see too many assistance movement form checks on here, but here is one for my rack pulls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tkbb2snAto

    Based on the SS exercise description, I'm mainly interested in:
    1. Proper height for start position?
    2. Proper hip extension only?

    I'm thinking the hip extension is pretty good. The starting height I think is borderline, maybe could be a tad lower, but tough to set up in this rack.

    Other opinions?


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    Rip was kind enough to reply. He thinks my start position is too high. Sure as hell doesn't feel like an easy pull though! Guess I'll have to drop the weight and lower the rack height. I thought in SS it suggests being able to do a 5RM rack pull with about your 1RM deadlift, but I won't be close to that.


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