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Thread: How to stop losing back angle when squatting?

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    I had the same problem. I started focusing on changing my back angle within the first 1/3 of the movement on the way down and my problems went away. That allows you to better facilitate the hip drive on the way up without compromising too much back angle - that is, if you're keeping your chest up.

    I'd have to see a video. The way I see it, compromising some back angle to facilitate the hip drive is acceptable at the novice stage. I'd rather you lose a little bit of back angle and thrust your ass up then simply lift your chest like all the cool bros like to do at the gym.

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    "Keep your chest up" is really all there is to it. I used have the same problem.

    This may mean looking straight ahead rather than down, as Rip recommends. Looking down does not work for me, personally.

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