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Thread: Screwed up squat asymmetry

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    They seem fine, maybe move the feet couple of inches out unless my eyes are going bad. Fine squats though keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by confuzzl3don3 View Post
    That knee bouncing thing at the top of each rep was something i sort of developed. As you pointed out my older vids didn't used to have it. I found that by fully extending the knee like that allowed me to get more of an eccentric stretch which would help with the pre-stretch of the muscle fibres before the concentric. Basically i found it seemed to help me get a better bounce and come out of the hole. It may be just pyschological, but that's what i've been doing for a while now.
    That's very interesting; clearly it's working for you. It's funny how we develop these little tricks. I'm currently trying to tense up the calf muscles in my legs before I drop in the squat - Rip suggested it to someone in a recent post as a way of stopping "knees backwards". It looks a bit silly on my videos when I review them (and it's hard to do when the weight is challenging), but it sure seems to help.

    Thanks for sharing the thought process behind that knee bounce idiosyncracy. It's picking up little details like this that make the forum so addictive...

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