Hard to get low bar position; kinesthetic ques? Hard to get low bar position; kinesthetic ques?

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Thread: Hard to get low bar position; kinesthetic ques?

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    Default Hard to get low bar position; kinesthetic ques?

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    Hey, been squatting (hi-bar) for a month or two now when I started to hit a wall and the end of my squats turned into good-mornings. Reread SS and watched some videos and realized that I was putting the bar high. I went in today and was physically unable to get a low bar position which was quite discouraging. I didn't even really get a squat workout in because I didn't want to mess up my shoulders - just didn't feel right. The lowest I can get the bar without feeling like my arms are going to pop out sits right on my shoulder blade (and I mean the bone). I was actually able to endure this for a few warm-up sets, but starting at 180 it hurt too much, and bar on bone is probably not a good idea long term. I even tried using one of those squat pads, which helped marginally at 180, but after that was useless.

    Before I had it on the top of my lats. I could jack my arm back and feel a shelf at the top with my hand and I knew where to put the bar and could tell if it was right before I even tried to stand up while the bar was racked. I can still jack one arm up and just feel the tip of the bone I was grinding on. I'm thinking I should obviously be lower, I tried higher but it was pretty unstable and would fall back to the bone (or just be on top of my lats). I'm having trouble feeling where to put the bar, and of course flexibility in getting it there.

    I've read through a bunch of threads here, but I can't really find a good answer for this. I know that kinesthetic ques work really well for me, so I think if I could do that I'd be set on bar position.

    One final question is, what is the best way to improve flexibility? I've starting (today) to do shoulder dislocates. 3 sets of 10 once a day(although wondering if twice is okay since I'd like to be able to do some proper squats by Monday). I also, during the warm up, used the bar to stretch my arm into the proper position, but it left my shoulder feeling tight and weak - to be expected, but not too reassuring right before you put heavy weight on your back.

    If I'm not able to get the flexibility should I continue with high bar until I can or?

    I don't have any videos, but I don't think they'd help to know what I'm talking about, I can try to take some on Monday if that'd be useful, but don't know if it would be.

    Thanks!!! Appreciate any advice!

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    I had a problem with shoulder flexibility. A massage therapist took care of most of it in one session. If I were you, I would find a good deep tissue/myofacial release massage therapist and book 2-3 sessions with them.

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    Try this: With the bar in the rack and loaded with some weight, grab it and get under it and put it high on the traps as in the hi-bar position (with thumbless grip & elbows back ofc). With the bar still in the rack, slowly pull the bar (you'll actually be pulling yourself up, but you get the point) lower and lower from your traps and down. You'll hit a stop, which is the low-bar position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanRug View Post

    Before I had it on the top of my lats.
    I think you mean something else.

    You are supposed to have them on your posterior deltoids. When it's on the correct position, it won't be griding against any bone and it will feel right and stable.

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    I've had the exact same problem. I got up to 350lbsx5 doing high bar untill I started doing goog mornings, I can manage to get the bar onto the rear delts, but my working weight has dropped to like 250lbs....

    Obviously I want to do squats properly.. I was on texas method before, but since i've radically changed the bar position, squats have turned into a new exercise for me... Do you guys suggest I go up maybe in 10lb increases untill I reach a sticking point and go TM from there?


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