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    After struggling with technique for too damn long I started to put some weight on the bar as I *think* my technique is alright.

    As you might remember(or not, as there are hundreds of guys around these forums) I have a very pro-fitness gym(I have to powerclean at night when the manager is not there, have to hide my chalk and use it only for the deadlift workset, etc. and there is no other gym within a 30 minute drive) and I got no one that can critique me as there simply no trainees who are fully squatting(people always tell me the bar is too low, my back is too horizontal blah blah blah).

    This is a video I took a week ago, as u can see I am now at 100 and only now starting to make nice PRs, I put in a small music chunk in the vid so you might wanna mute it while watching, after you are done critisizing I will delete it.

    Anyways two main concerns over here:
    1. is my depth alright? and is lifting the toes a bad habit on PRs?(I am constantly lifting the toes and it helps me with knee traveling)

    2. I was doing excessive GM like a month ago and constantly hit a plateu, am I raising the chest too much now? or is my hip drive fine?(might need a fine tuning between a GM and the excessive "chest up" cue)

    BTW, everyone are welcome to smack me around concerning the video, I really belive that the more opinions the better
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