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    I'm coming back from an ankle surgery and just started lifting again after about 3 months. Would love to hear some criticism on those rusty squats of mine I did yesterday. Surgery was on my left ankle.

    So, here is the 45 degree angle:

    I really liked the last two reps of this set. I didn't like me looking up in the mirror.

    And more from a back angle:

    Better head position but my left knee seemed a litte wobbly.
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    Nothing Jumps out at me... First set might have been a little high.. hard for me to tell at that angle..

    Looks pretty good.

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    Your head is down, but you're still trying to keep your chest up too much. This results in things like an overextension of your back, especially in the lumbar area as you drive out of the hole. It's more movement in the lumbar than I like to see during the squat. Keep EVERYTHING tight, and don't be afraid to lean over properly.

    Possibly related is a tendency, when focus flags at the ends of sets, to push back, then drive up. Just keep telling yourself to drive STRAIGHT UP.

    Overall, those are far from terrible. Just get control over your spine before you start loading heavy weight on that bar.

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    Thanks for the solid advice.


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