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    My bench is definitely my worst lift. I'm only at 175 in my LP. I take a pretty wide grip because I have a 6' 10" wingspan! It often feels like I am working my shoulders and arms more than my chest.

    Any suggestions would help! I show 3 sets in the video. The last one is filmed from a side angle so you can see the bar path.

    Bench Check - YouTube

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    Stop moving your feet around midset. You should be driving your feet into the floor/forward, which will help with stability. Is your back set properly/are you squeezing your back tight before unracking? Your wrists are bent too far backwards; your wrists should be at about a 10-15 degree angle, with the bar over your forearm (this is covered in SSBBT3 and in an article or two on this site if you want more details/pictures).

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    It looks like you're having to "shrug" your shoulders in order to re-rack the bar. This leads me to think you may not be setting your shoulders/upper back in the correct position, or if you are you have to loosen it up to unrack the bar.

    TL;DR: Lower your hooks.

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    Thanks for the advice. I do need to fix my foot problem. I don't think I am pushing at all with my feet. Also, I don't think I have set my back properly. I will also work on keeping my wrists straight.

    Thanks for the tip, I will lower my hooks.

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