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Thread: 240lbs of SQUAT CHECK

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    You're beginning your first rep with knees bent and hips back~you have soft knees and hips. Straighten your knees and hips. Lock em tight! Big breath. Tighten everything and begin.

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    monster 200lb squat 2 of 3 - YouTube
    200lb monster squat 1 of 3 - YouTube

    The bar kept sliding around on my back so I couldn't seem to keep my back as tight as I would like (Please berate for this but I also think I might need to drop the weight even more to work on that, since my back seems to me just to physically weak to get into a position of extension despite my best efforts)

    I made a conscious effort to squeeze my entire body as hard as is humanly possible for an idiot like me but I don't know if it really did anything, but it felt less like I was dive-bombing and it did make the movement feel more controlled.

    Depth looks off but I feel my hamstrings kind of tightening at the bottom now and it feels like I go any lower I'll wind up relaxing. It could've just been my Mondo-Gut™ crowding my thighs again.

    I give up.

    Edit: I somehow fucked up and lost the third set, so you get the second set where I do4 reps like a goofball
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