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Wow thanks for all the feedback folks. I initially took a bit of a sigh of resignation with Mia's list of things, you start to doubt if you should just take up something different! But it's invaluable feedback, so just dusted down and got stuck back into it, MTFU as some say. I just haven t had the chance to reply on the forum again for a while.

I got through 112.5 on the third attempt and took two turns to get through 115.

117.5 was dispatched on Friday past at first time of asking, after taking my first light squat day on the Weds. Success yes but under that weight I'd say the form video would be a carbon copy of the above clips!

However on Monday at 120kg I did 3/1/skipped. It felt impossible, still a bit beat-up from the previous week. I will use a "light" day again on Weds and film Fridays attempts at 120kg.

I wonder if it's time to start thinking about the next step in programming, as all lifts are starting to level out, moreover at 36 my recovery time is starting to stretch out the heavier it gets.