Deadlift -- new geezer, post-back injury Deadlift -- new geezer, post-back injury

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Thread: Deadlift -- new geezer, post-back injury

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    Default Deadlift -- new geezer, post-back injury

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    This is my first deadlift work set, coming back off low-back injury . . .

    My first thought after watching this video after my set was that my back didn't feel that rounded. Also the bar path looks weird to me, like it's curving in the middle?

    Any feedback is welcome, thanks.

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    You could clean up your setup a bit. Read/follow the 5-step deadlift setup guide posted on here. Once you do that, make sure to lead up with your chest and keep the weight centered on your feet (you're pulling back onto your heels which is the cause of the curve you mention).

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    Don't rush through your setup. Follow the steps as outlined in the link Jeff supplied. How far are your shins from the bar before you start the lift? Your shins appear very vertical so the bar might be a bit too close (contributing to the weight on the heels issue). There should be an inch to inch and a half between shin and bar before you lean over to grab it. This places the bar directly over the mid-foot. Also, can't see much of an effort to lift the chest and set the back before lifting. On the way down you're bending your knees before the bar goes past them. That's going to hurt as the weight goes up. Shoot the hips back and keep the knees straight (while keeping back set) until bar is past the knees.

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