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    Default squat/dl form check

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    I botched the angle on the squat, try to take it easy on me about that. My gym is small and busy and its really uncommon for me to have enough space behind me to get these angles.

    squat: YouTube
    dl: YouTube

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    The angle makes it hard to tell, but it looks like you're sliding forward in the bottom. Try to get your knees in position much earlier (1/3 of the way down). That should help you stay tighter on the descent and out of the hole.

    On the DL, you're moving the bar an awful lot before you start your pull. Try to not move the bar at all prior to pulling, making sure that it's about 1 inch away from your shins. Once you bring your shins to the bar, you have to really think about squeezing your chest up, until you feel like your head is going to explode. This will help you set your back and maintain lumbar extension.

    Hope that helps!

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    SQ: Bar might be a touch high. Tough to see from this angle. Your feet are too wide. Move them in so your heels are under your shoulders. Should be about an inch and a half on each side. You relax to get to the bottom. Instead, take a deep breath and brace your abs hard. You need to get your knees out and push your hips back.

    DL: Read the 5 step deadlift procedure and follow it. Less movement before you pull. More air. More tightness.


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