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Thread: Squat technique progress 485x5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Illingworth View Post
    Part of the reason your chest rises is because you never really get bent over all that much to begin with. You also start loosing more control over your knees as you get tired. This happens to me all the friggin' time. For the knees, I don't have any good cues for someone as far along as you are except you just have to really, really think about keeping them over your toes until you're halfway up. You should work to fix this, but I wouldn't get into that process this close to your meet. Work on that after the meet while you're moving lighter weights. What's helped some is pausing in the bottom with my knees where I want them for awhile and then coming back up with another brief pause about 1/3 of the way up. I can tell when I'm doing it right after not doing it right for awhile by how tired my hamstrings get keeping my knees in position.

    Shoes with a heel help, too.
    Thanks Jeff! I plan to rework my squat immediately following this meet. Based on all the great feedback here I am planning to utilize tempo and pause squats to force myself into the correct bar path.

    I will keep this board updated on my progress.

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    I have recently struggled with the same problem (best squat 5x410 at 200 bw).

    What I have noticed is that as I get tired I tend to rush the bounce from the bottom. What I mean is that my wish to get the rep done exceeds my willpower to keep the hips driving the bar, and then the hips shoot up slightly, taking the strain off momentarily. This causes - to varying degrees - back angle becoming too horizontal, knees caving in and balance going first to the heel, then forward as counter measure.

    A que I have been really consentrating on with great success is to drive my hips up WITH the bounce. This is crucial when getting to the end of the set. Instead of letting my hips loosely bounce from the bottom, causing them to go back, I conscisously have to slow down and really guide the bounce confidently. This feels awful by the end of the set, because the wish to not be under the bar is huge, but this fixes the back angle and knee caving issues for me.

    tl;dr - Slow down your ascent, guide the bounce, don't let the bounce control you, keep your hips "under the bar" and don't be afraid to spend some time coming properly out of the hole, rather than just quickly.

    I hope I am making sense, this is something I've just recently started figuring out.

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