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    Please have a look at my press and squat techniques and give me a form check.
    I know i dont have squat shoes, its on my list to buy.

    Press- i did 3 sets of 5, here is number 2 YouTube

    and number 3 YouTube

    Set 1 YouTube

    Set 2 Squat 80kg 2/3 - YouTube
    These felt very hard work like i had too much bar in my hands, bar probably too low?

    Set 3 YouTube

    Hopefully the video angles are ok to see clearly enough

    Thanks in advance

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    Press: Lets work on the hip thrust. Lock your knees and never let them bend. While flexing your quads and your abdominal hard, drive your butt forward as if you were dodging a bullet in the Matrix.

    Squat: Your torso is a little bit too upright, while your upper back is flexed. Keep a proud chest and focus on knees out, nipples down, and butt back.

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    My two cents:

    Looks like you initiate your squat with your ass and you start to bend over before your knees are in place.
    On most of the reps your knees keep moving forward, because of the movement mentioned above.

    Try this:
    Practice without a bar and break the squat down into two movements. 1st, get your knees in position slightly in front of you toes, then 2nd, lean over while you sit back. If you do this correctly you'll be able to see that during the first 1/3 of the movement your knees have to get in place and stay there, then your hips go back as you lean over. Now do this during your warm up to get the feeling and try to make it one smooth movement.

    Think "knees out" first when you unlock then "nipples to the floor" as you descend. Report back with a video.

    Your elbows are not slightly in front of the bar when you pick it up out of the racks(0:06s).
    Your knees are bent when you try to shove your hips forward (0:13s)
    You shove your ass back first before you thrust forward, this doesn't help at all (0:17s)

    Try this
    Step under the bar with both feet when you unrack the bar, shove your elbows under it and forward
    Keep your chest up. Think "superman chest". Keep this chest up from the moment you pick it up to the moment you rack it.
    When you stand there, think "transformers" and visualize every muscle from your feet to your shoulders clamping down hard and squeeze the living shit out of them, especially your quads, glutes and abs.
    When you thrust forward, think of "shoving your thigh into the ground" in front of you. This helps with not leaning back during the thrust.

    "superman chest" throughout the movement
    "transformers" and squeeze the shit out of your muscles, especially quads, glutes and abs
    "hit the nose" on the ascend
    "elbows forward" on the descend
    "squeeze armpits" between reps.

    If you remember each cue it will help guide you through the movement. It's better if a coach can yell these at you. I lift alone so I memorized my cues and it works pretty well.

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    Thanks for the comments guys and i will certainly work on what youíve said.
    I now have some things to work on.
    Will get back to it and post a new improved video soon !

    I assume as not mentioned above my bar path, hip drive, depth is good.
    So much to think about with the squat! But i managed to add 2.5kg today. Iím sure i can lift a whole load more once i get the technique nailed.

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    For your press, compare your wrist position with the position in the book. Your wrists are overextended. Bulldog grip with slightly extended wrists just before you unrack, centering the bar over your humerus, along with elbows in front of the bar and proud chest.

    Stiff knees per previous commenters, slam your torso forward under the bar as it passes your forehead.

    Lock it out with authority at the top; press it through the ceiling... erm, through the clouds then.

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    I meant, center the bar over your radius of course.

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    It looks like your grip is wide on the press, in addition to what others have mentioned. My understanding is that your index fingers should be JUST on the knurling of the bar, right up against the smooth part. A wider grip shortens the ROM, and we're all about maximum effective ROM around here It's a bit hard to see in the video though, so maybe I'm seeing it wrong. If I am, disregard.


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