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    Default Squat Form Check (205x5)

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    25 year old male, 176lbs, 5'9

    Couple things I noticed immediately...
    1. In order to try and "sit back" correctly I tend to fire my ass out early perhaps before my knees. Should be "breaking" at hips and knees at the same time.
    2. On every single rep I performed, I have a little hip "hiccup" where I shoot my hips forward for half a second before actually squatting...wtf am I doing that for?
    3. Wrists are bent, I am working to fix this.
    4. To my inexperienced eyes the bar seems a little high. It feels "on the shelf" when I get under the bar but maybe I'm kidding myself.
    5. Elbows shake...am I taking some of the weight on my elbows?

    Thanks for all the feedback!

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    These are very jerky high bar squats.

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    You've noticed a good handful of things to work on, but missed a big one. You're far too upright and squatting into your knees the whole way down. Start the squat with butt back, knees shoved out hard, and nipples pointed at the floor, simultaneously. On a couple of reps your back angle gets more horizontal on the ascent. Try to match that on the way down. Getting the bar lower will help you bend over more. I agree that it's too high. Think about sitting back for depth, not down, and keeping your knees shoved out the whole time. Should help with the knee slide.

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    This is a high bar squat. Use the plethora of resources available here to fix that. Start by finding the spine of your scapula.

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    Hey Nicholas

    As others have mentioned, these look more upright and like high bar mechanics.
    See if you can get the bar lower on your back. Put the bar on your traps and slide forward against the bar until you feel it "catch" and it should sit between the spine of the scaps and your rear delts.
    Once you get the bar in the right place, lean over a lot more than you are and you'll be able to send the hips back.
    Work on that for now.


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