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    I think Iím getting very close to the end of LP. I was up to 290x3, so I reset to 265 and have been working my way back up to 285x5. What can I do to improve my form?


    You all are awesome! Thank you for all the help in getting stronger!

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    Hey Adam

    I think you have more in the tank if you stay in your hips longer on the way up. That's why the last rep was harder than it need to be. But first, you need to lean over more at the start and send the hips back away from your feet. You're a little too vertical on the way down, your knees don't get set and this shifts everything forward. Get your nipples at the ground and send your hips to the wall behind you. You may have to adjust your grip a bit so the wrists are more neutral. With the wrists extended like that, the heel of the hand is apt to shove the bar up your back when you descend, and you'll be less confident in getting leaned over enough.

    Good luck!
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