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    could you please check my form on the squat and deadlift? Thank you very much in advance.

    Squats: Link
    Deadlift: Link

    Best regards

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    Hi Viktor,

    Your grip on the squat is messed up. You've got your thoracic spine hunched over at the top, and as you come down in the squat you drop your elbows, bend your wrists, and start pushing up on the barbell with your hands. The wrist should stay straight, for the most part, and you need to get your chest up and elbows up when you unrack the barbell, like it says in the book. If you just do 'elbows up', you'll hunch over. Thoracic flexion is problematic.

    Identifying and Correcting Thoracic Spinal Flexion in the Squat | Bill Hannon

    Toes are pointed forward and knees are not getting out. Widen your stance a little, point your toes out 30 degrees each foot, shove your knees out, and get your chest down between your thighs.

    Fix your eye gaze. Point your eye lasers at a point 4 to 5 feet in front of you.

    Can't see much on that deadlift video.

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    Id say for the deadlift you need to look down at the ground, 12-15 feet away from you. To me it looks like youre looking at yourself in the mirror. If so, Id just lift from the other side of the bar, and stare at the floor (again, about 12-15 feet/ 4m away)


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