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    Hey Rip,
    Getting back into the program after a period of lethargy and muscular atrophy, and trying to make sure I get things right. Last time around, I realized I was limiting myself by going too deep on the squat, mostly getting the extra depth from lumbar flexion, and so this time around, I am trying to make sure I go exactly to depth, but not further. Could you take a look at this video and tell me whether I am hitting depth? From the book's definition (hip joint, identified by apex of crease in shorts, going below patella) I believe that these are okay on depth, but want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding anything

    Second question I think I know the answer to, but I want to check -- I believe that the reason I am falling forward on these reps is because I am losing lumbar/hamstring tension at the bottom of the lift, requiring me to rock my knees forward to get back into a position with leverage. From the book, I believe that this problem is caused by my knees continuing to track forward throughout the duration of the lift (as described on p.55), rather than stopping once they've reached the correct position and letting my hips sit back. Of the reps in the video, I think that no. 5 looks significantly better than the first 4, with much less forward movement, although obviously far from perfect. I think "sit back" is the cue I need here. Does this evaluation sound correct to you? Is there anything else that might help?

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    Depth looks OK; hard to judge from this low angle. Buy a tripod for your camera and film from the rear quarter at hip height per the form check video sticky.

    Yes, you are humping forward at the bottom. Set the knees and reach back with your ass. Resist the urge to lift your chest.

    Some housekeeping points: this is light; however, slowing things down just a hair will help you pull everything together. Also, you are very floppy and loose. You've got to get way tighter for this to work.

    Shoes and sandwiches.


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