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    Weight: 200lbs
    Height: 59
    Currently on a re run of LP trying to get my lifts back up... a few months ago i was doing 270 for 3x5 on my squars then i reset my lifts to really dial in form and have been working back up since. My knees love to cave in every set so ive been trying very hard to keep them shoved out and keep my back tight as well. These look and feel much more difficult then they should be as the weight feels almost weightless on my back, any criticism is much appreciated. Also sorry for the shitty quality.


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    These look pretty damn good. They moved fast for the most part. The only thing, and this may be a function of fatigue, is keeping your chest as proud after the turn around as you get it on the descent.

    Great work.

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    Good to hear, thanks for the reply man.


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