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    The sound is terrible, but you don't need to hear me hissing like a Audi turbo anyways.

    First try @225.


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    Lots going on, but let's start with the priorities.
    You're not setting your back into extension, or at least it isn't staying that way if you are. So now you have a floppy lever arm that's not very good at transferring force from the hips up to the bar. And you're not able to lean over as much as you need to so you can stay balanced on midfoot and drive the hips up out of the hole. Watch this for some help YouTube
    Get the back set properly, get your eyes down about 3-5 ft. in front of you on the ground and lean over more than you think you need to. Then lead with the hips out of the hole.
    Strongly consider buying some lifting shoes ASAP.
    Work on that for a bit and see how it goes. Good luck!


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