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    Hi everyone and thanks in advance to whoever has some insights / helpful cues for me.
    I just canít seem to get my low bar squat in order. My lower back takes over / butt shoots up, resulting in good morning squats. I realize thatís a common issue, but I was hoping someone here could tell me something particular about my form that iím not doing right.

    Two videos below:
    50kg working set
    45kg working set (two days earlier, but with lighter clothes)


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    Hey Ruby

    I looked at your set at 45kg (set of 50 are all high - avoid posting high squats). You need to shove the knees out harder so the adductors can help anchor the back angle and keep them pinned out as you come out of the bottom. You're also shifting around on your feet as you squat. You start at the heels and shift back and forth so you're never really getting and staying midfoot.
    Lastly, lock your eyes on a target and think about driving the hips straight up rather than back (being on midfoot will help).
    Work on that for now and make sure you're hitting depth consistently.
    Good luck.


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