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    I'm trying to find a coach. Does anyone have any advice? I checked for Starting Strength certified coaches were I live, which is Clovis, California. It's right next to Fresno, California. I couldn't find any certified coaches. I'm trying to find someone to to watch me lift, provide me with immediate feedback, and advise me how to do it correctly. Then to watch again and let me know if I'm improving. As to the most of the other stuff, I can figure that out by reading Starting Strength & the Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life after 40. I'm not worried about the trainer not approving of the Starting Strength method. So long as the person teaches me the moves correctly, I'll be happy.

    I skip the power clean because I'm 50 years old and uncoordinated. See Sullivan & Baker, The Barbell Prescription, ch. 12 ["we consider the power clean . . . entirely optional movements for the Masters population"]. I'd likely continue to skip the power clean unless things go extremely well with the coach.

    Thanks for your help.

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    There may not be a qualified coach in your area, so you may have to drive a time or two until you can be reasonably confident in your technique (don't assume that because a Personal Trainer has read the book, you will receive coaching on the method). If this is not possible your option may be online coaching, and although it is sub-optimal it's better than nothing. Look here: Starting Strength Online Coaching:


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