Squat form check before hitting 3 plates Squat form check before hitting 3 plates

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Thread: Squat form check before hitting 3 plates

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    Default Squat form check before hitting 3 plates

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    5'8" at around 190. Not sure if I'm about to snap my shit up or not. Should I reset and work on form, or should i keep increasing the weight?

    First set

    Second set

    Third set

    I've dealt with low back pain in the past, and since i started lifting heavy I feel better than I have in years. Don't really want to go back.

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    (Not a coach just a fellow lifter so take it or leave it)
    It looks like youíre getting on your toes on some of the reps. When I get on my toes I try to to point my chest down more and it seems to help me more than thinking butt back. Or think mid foot the whole time. What ever cue works for you. As for adding more weight or working on form with less weight? personally I like adding weight to the bar so Iíd do that, plus it is hard to get stronger at weights that donít challenge you, make sure to take appropriate weight jumps if you have back problems going on.

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    If you can, Squat facing away from the mirror. You are lifting your head on some of the reps and this will throw things off. These definitely look good enough to keep adding weight. In fact, I'd say you need to be more aggressive with them. Remaining tight of course, think about driving your hips up more explosively out of the hole. You can descend a little quicker. Notice how fast rep #5 was of the middle video? It was supposed to be the slowest rep of the set but if was the fastest because you got more bounce. Probably because you didn't want that guy to have any reason to try and spot you! God speed on your journey to 3 plates

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    I hope the technique feedback has given you confidence. I say that because "Not sure if I'm about to snap my shit up or not" is not a useful mindset.


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