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    Video of last set of bench

    I know my grip is a little wide (middle finger on rings) and the touch point is low (right below sternum) but thatís how I feel strongest I honestly donít know if that good or bad to bench like that.
    The last rep hit the sticking point a lost tightness Iím guessing thatís a combo of bad form and weak lats?? Never posted my bench so thanks in advance for any advice.
    And yes I know my set up is probably not safe lol

    29. 6í. 270ish. 1.5years.
    Upper lower 4 day split
    Bench 275x4 (240x4x6)
    Press 160x4x6 (strict)
    Chins 10#x24 in 4 sets

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    Pretty good man - youíd prob get a better rebound with a narrower grip. You should feel your triceps tight against your lats at the bottom for the best rebound.

    Also, youíre a big guy so consider going with a compression grip, similar to a press grip. Prob wont need the wrist wraps with that.


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