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    Default Form check - Squat - 97,5kg

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    Hi Coaches (readers),

    First of: sorry, I'm in black, couldn't find anything with color last night or this morning. sorry sorry sorry

    I've been of the program for some time. Deloaded to 80kg and worked my way up.
    M 43 y/o
    Squat 97,5kg
    BP: 70kg
    Press: stalling at 52.5kg
    DL: max (3x) 120kg, but I've deloaded and I'm at 105 now
    PC: 52,5 kg

    I do feel stronger, but I'm not losing fat/weight. I'm over 120kg at this point with only 178cm of height.

    This is my 3rd set of 5
    I do not think I got depth correct.
    I do think my feet are at correct width and I do think I'm keeping a very proud chest.
    I know I can get depth, my previous recordings are proof to this
    My elbows are nice in line with my back
    I 'm not quite sure about my knees traveling forward, My upper legs are a big, they are touching my calfs

    Should I proceed to 100kg or do this one over
    (never accept a missed rep, and not getting depth is missing a rep, right? )

    Help is appreciated.


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    Hey Senol
    You are correct, these are not to depth. You're not shoving your knees out to the sides hard enough so you can get there. Take 5-10 kilos off the bar and bury it.
    Avoid posting squats that are above parallel for form checks. Depth is the price of admission.


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