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Thread: Squat form check - buttwink

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    Pretty much an off day @220lbs, as you can see from the last rep..
    I'm wondering how bad if at all my buttwink is during these reps though? It's quite noticeable if I'm squating any deeper so I'm trying to focus on just getting to parallel.. Any other critique would be greatly appreciated


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    “Buttwink” is one of those bullshit terms that trainers like to throw around to try and insert themselves and their ill-conceived opinion into your lifting. 99% of the time it is nothing to be concerned about. You aren’t anywhere near lumber flexion, so fret not about thine buttimus winkimuss.

    Few things to consider:

    A) don’t post above parallel squats. Professor Rip doesn’t approve. Read the sticky

    B) that belt sucks. Its a bodybuilder belt

    C) your grip is too narrow

    D) your back angle is that of a high bar squat. Bend over more and push your ass back. Head and eyes down looking at the floor 6 ft in front of you.

    E) for the best advice, post your last set of 5 at a challenging weight. This is in the sticky as well.

    F) finally and most importantly: read the book

    Fyi I’m not a SSC, but that is my advice for what it’s worth


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