Trying to fix aspects of upper body in the squat. Trying to fix aspects of upper body in the squat.

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Thread: Trying to fix aspects of upper body in the squat.

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    Default Trying to fix aspects of upper body in the squat.

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    So, as my squats have gotten heavier, form problems are becoming increasingly glaring. I imagine this is probably normal for someone plodding along on their own. Particularly I am looking at my grip and what is probably a thoracic flexion problem (bar tends to want to start rolling up/forward at the bottom). It's causing definite elbow/shoulder issues on the left side, and to compensate for the "roll" at heavier weights the tendency is to flex the wrists over the bar to keep it from rolling onto the neck. So I have a few questions on fixing this.

    -Are there any good guidelines on grip width? For most of my time on the program, I've been gripping a little narrower than my bench (pinkies just inside the powerlifting ring markings). But, I am able to get under the bar with a VERY narrow grip (with my index fingers almost right at the inner edge of the knurls, like my press grip). I do have extremely flexible shoulder joints, but this super narrow grip feels very awkward and I worry it's putting strain on the elbow, which is what I want to alleviate.

    -Are there any good cues to prevent the thoracic flexion that haven't been discussed in articles? I've read articles on this topic on the site, all the ones I could find. Should I maybe try and lift with that tennis ball under the chin like the photo from the book? I'm okay making a bit of a fool of myself in the gym, since I'm already technically doing that with an incorrect lift.

    -Should I be using a belt? Could it potentially help in any way here? Just spitballing here. I don't own one currently, and have never used one before, so I of course don't have any personal experience with what benefit it provides.

    -When trying to deal with this problem, should I drop the weight down to one where the problem doesn't occur? If so, should I increase at the rate I would if it was normal working progression, or would something a bit bigger, like bouncing back from a string of missed workouts, be doable? I'm REALLY committed to getting this right, but I am a little impatient to finally nail down a squat workout with bodyweight on the bar. It's a milestone I've had to stop short of already to address form issues, and weighed up out of once I got close again.

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    Sadly I can't really video myself.


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