New to power cleans I have some questions New to power cleans I have some questions

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Thread: New to power cleans I have some questions

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    Default New to power cleans I have some questions

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    Hi! I just started practicing Power Cleans on friday and have some questions:

    1. Is it normal to feel traps soreness?

    1. Is it normal to feel forearms soreness?

    1. In some of the reps, after racking the bar, I felt like disorientated for a fraction of a second, not that I lost control I just felt like my sight was reset. Is that normal?

    I started with empty bar trying to follow the learning process from the book and then I did 3 x 30/32.5/35/37,5/37,5 KG total feeling tired at the end. My Squat is at 92.5 KG and DL 110 KG. I dedicated like 45 mins to the power clean.

    Will appreciate the answers!

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    1. Yes, especially if you donít have bumpers and need to catch the bar on the way down.

    2. Yes, for the same reason as above and also the stretch on your forearms in the rack position.

    3. What you are describing is likely from a rapid fluctuation in blood pressure. Same reason people get light headed after standing up fast after being in a seated and/or compressed position.

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    Are you bending your arms before you jump? Post video

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    I think it's perfectly normal to feel soreness in some body parts after the first time ever you perform a movement, be it digging your garden with a fork hoe or power cleaning.
    Feeling light-headed is less common; maybe the bar is pressing down on your neck, or maybe you are not releasing the air in your lungs at the right time. Alternatively, you might just need to get used to the explosive effort.
    Hope this helps,


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    Hi! Thanks everyone for the answers!

    I took a workout off from DL and practiced PC yesterday in spite of being still sore. Today I have no soreness.

    This time I felt light-headed fewer times than on friday. Much better also.

    Regarding my technique, I got a video but kind of ashamed of posting it, I have much work to do mostly on the jump. I reviewed the "Correcting Problems" sections and got some nice insight to try on friday.

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    I have not cleaned in a while do to injury, lazy snowflake motivations thing,
    while I was, I also experienced the lightheadedness head rush thing a bit,
    I found for myself that I was breathing deep before bending and grabbing the bar,
    that seemed to be my trigger,
    now I grip, then breath deep, no more headrushes.
    try that


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