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    Hello. I recently tore my adductor. It’s low grade; my groin went “POP!” coming fast out of the hole with about 70%. Sore for a few days but now only hurts if I force it - about two weeks later. Anyway, I’ve been box squatting as a work-around and doing some very light “free squats” in my warm ups for higher reps.

    My question regards box squat execution. I know it’s not a SS staple but it’s what I have to work with at the moment:

    In order to take the stretch off my adductors in the hole/on the box, I sit/rock back a few inches until my torso is almost erect then rock forward to an inclined position. Everything else stays tight. Is there a degree of rocking that’s permissible or am I asking for SI joint issues?

    Thank you for your time.


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    Stance width and angle are the ways to work around an adductor tear, not box squats.

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    I've been doing the Bill Starr rehab, then switching to low reps at much higher weights to a box. If I narrow my stance and do something of a "skier's squat" I can squat reasonably heavy without pain but I'm short-changing depth, so I haven't pursued that. I can go reasonably heavy on box squats keeping everything else the same. So how much is too much "rocking" v. sitting to a box if I'd like to incorporate box squats in the future?

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    The rocking box squat seems to be more of a Westside thing. Here's the SS video on box squats for reference below. I can't speak to SI joint issues from rocking around on a box, but then I've never programmed them like that. If I needed to limit ROM to work around an injury, I've used a pin squat typically. And with an adductor tear I've modified both the stance and ROM in the past.
    If you limit the load with the adjusted stance can you get to depth? This may work better over in the Managing Injuries forum.
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