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    I have some low back pain from a squat form error I am trying to fix and I want to make sure my deadlift form is ok. Sorry for the bright background. It is difficult to get a good angle in my garage.


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    I'll begin with a disclaimer that I'm just a big dummy and not at all a coach. But I took a look and decided to see if I could spot anything for my own learning purposes. It looks like at the start you end up with your shins too close because when you look down to check they back off a little, and once you return to straight stance the shins are almost right up against the bar. Other than that I didn't see anything. Shirt got all nice and wrinkly in the back indicating the back was set properly.

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    Try to shove your belly in between your thighs and get your chest out as hard as you can during your setup. hold it for a second to get extra tight and comfortable. your hips appear to be too low which is why they immediately shoot up before the bar leaves the ground.

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    Rock back off your toes before you set the back. See how far forward of the bar your shoulders are? Scaps should be over the bar, with shoulders slightly in front.
    See how the bar comes off your legs completely on a couple reps? You're pulling with your weight on your toes.
    You setup a bit too close before you bend over to grab the bar, but you end up nudging the bar forward and getting yourself in the right spot. Use the lace knots as a guide and get the bar to cover those when you look down.
    You could also get the back set harder, squeezing the chest up and getting all of the slack out of the bar.


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