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    Gentlemen and scholars of SS -

    This is my second squat form check - with a belt and proper shoes this time. Video below is last work set at 235lbs. I experienced significant elbow pain following this session and I suspect I've got potential grip issues (Rip recently replied to another thread with a few articles addressing grip issues and I plan to pay close attention to grip on my next session with those articles in mind). All that said, anything else jump out in terms of technique flaws ... whether potentially contributing to elbow pain or not. Do elbows in fact look like they come up too high?


    Apologies for the side view instead of rear 45 on this ... I've really been trying to pay close attention to bat path while recording my last couple sessions.

    Thank you in advance for any wisdom the forum is willing to share.

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    Hey Mitchell

    Take half second between inhaling for the Valsalva and starting the rep. Don't let yourself get mushed into the bottom by the weight. You're letting yourself get a little loose as you hit depth, which causes everything to slide forward. Keep reaching back with your ass to get the hamstrings stretched out as you point your nipples at the ground.
    You're also trying to lift your chest as you drive the hips out of the hole. I suspect that may be causing you to crank the elbows up as you ascend and pissing them off. Get your eyes down 3 feet in front of you and keep them locked there. Keep your chest pointed at the ground as you initiate the hip drive out of the bottom.

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    Thank you Pete - very helpful feedback and just in time for today's session. I suppose at least I'm not squatting on dumb shit any more to confirm depth ... so I've taken some baby steps in the right direction, with much to still work on.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I still find it a pleasant surprise that with much of the internet being a dumpster fire, there's a place like this forum where newbie barbell hacks like me can post a video and get feedback that's prompt, useful, and free. Have a great thanksgiving!


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