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    Last week I scheduled training at SS Austin to work on power cleans. To my surprise, I had the privilege of being coached by TMPHBITEU. He pointed out some issues with my squat and so I'm here for a form check as I work towards correcting the issues. I'm currently on a 4-day TM split and I recorded today's intensity day: 1 set of 5 at 330lbs. I'm still working up to my squat PR on the LP which was a set of 5 at 335lbs.

    Rip mentioned that I needed bend over more and that I lacked depth. Below I'm posting my last warmup and my work set. I feel like the warmup looks very close to what I'm trying to achieve. My work-set may be slightly improving, but I think it still lacks depth on some reps and I probably need to be more horizontal. Thank you in advance for comments and advice.

    Warmup (260 lbs)

    Working Set (330 lbs)

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    Hey Greg

    You are correct in your self-assessment of your working set. You need to be leaned over sooner and stay leaned over out of the hole. Also, depth is borderline to high.
    Your upper back could be tighter so you don't feel like the bar is going to roll up, and then you'll more confidently stay in your hips instead of trying to lift the chest and kill the hip drive.
    Work on getting the chest up and keeping the elbows down as part of your setup, and maintain that through the rep.
    Get your eyes and chest down and keep them pointed down as you drive your ass in the air like the bar is across your low back.
    Also, get deeper so the hip crease is below the top of the knee.

    Let's talk about your warmup. 80ish % is a decent gap between the last warmup and work set. I'm not sure what your warm-up scheme is, but for 330 it should look something like...
    You might find your work set less of a shock if you tighten up the last single to about 90ish %.

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    Thank you for the feedback, Coach. I'm starting to think that in order to correct my form, I should take steps to narrow my grip width. My shoulder mobility is pretty bad and has kept me using a fairly wide grip. Maybe this has kept my back from being tight and in turn caused me to be more vertical as a way of compensating. As for my warm-up scheme, I've always used the SS app. It's basically the same as what you have outlined, but it excludes the single at 90%. I'll throw in that single on the next few workouts and see how it goes. Thanks!


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