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    I'm 5'8 and use a 3" Pioneer belt. It works great for my squats and presses. I'm currently deadlifting 370x5, and I didn't start consistently using my belt for deadlifts until I was lifting around 350x5. Ever since I started using it, I often have an issue where the belt makes me feel like I'm going to vomit and/or I can't take a full breath at some point within my set. I've tried to find my own work-around for the issue by adjusting the belt up, down, loosening the belt, and moving the buckle to the side since it is a little thicker than the rest of the belt. I've also tried drinking less prior to deadlifting and that seems to help with liquid being forced up from my stomach, but it doesn't always solve the problem with feeling as though I can't take a full breath.

    Today was 370x5 and after the second rep, I had the issue so I stripped away the belt and completed the remaining reps beltless. Do you think a more narrow belt would solve the problem? If so, what size would you recommend?

    Below I've included the video for reference. You'll notice that I'm using straps in the video. Today was my first time using straps and I did so to protect my hand where a callous tore last week. Thank you in advance.

    DL (370)

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    Belt looks too tight to me, Greg. I'd wear it just tight enough to get some feedback when you Valsalva, and higher than you have it here.
    I don't see what else it could be.

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    I wear my (3" pioneer cut) a lot slacker for DL than any other belt and much higher (up around the diaphragm) and rotate the buckle to the rear. I know that if I can't rotate the belt then it's too tight. If I remember, I will check the belt at the other lifts and post the number of holes difference. As Pete says, it just gives me feedback, it isn't anywhere near as cinched as it normally is.


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