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    Default NYC Squat Form Check

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    Hi, can you please provide some feedback on my squat: YouTube

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    Can't really tell you much except to keep your eyes down and not lift your chest so early out of the bottom.
    Please refer to the sticky for how to film squats going forward so we can help.

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    Thanks, Pete. Please see new video with new angle:


    How do these look?

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    Ckagahastian my left hand sits on top of the bar, with only the pinky finger in contact, just as both of your hands do!
    I'd just assumed that this is related to my head injury suffered as a child, and cannot be fully corrected... But then I saw your form check video.

    Has anyone commented on your grip on the bar during the squat? What is it due to? Just a lack of mobility, I assume?

    As for your squat form, I am not an SSC and so have only caught the easiest errors:
    --you're looking straight ahead, not down about 5 feet in front of you
    --you're descending much quicker than ascending (dive bombing), which makes it harder to stay as tight as is necessary to lift the big weights up out of the hole
    --the bar is too high on your back; looks about 1-2" too high

    I am sorry I don't have any deeper comments on your form, and don't take this the wrong way, but I am thrilled that you also cannot fully grip the bar with all of the fingers of your hand!! I'm ecstatic because this means that something which I assumed was due to my childhood injury and unavoidable, is actually perhaps just a form or flexibility issue on my (and your) part.

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    These are all a little bit high.


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