Workout #3 Form Check (Squat, Press, Deadlift) Workout #3 Form Check (Squat, Press, Deadlift)

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Thread: Workout #3 Form Check (Squat, Press, Deadlift)

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    Default Workout #3 Form Check (Squat, Press, Deadlift)

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    I've lifted weights before, but it has been a good while (and Iíve never done it as much as I should have). Iíd classify myself as a novice. An old, weak, tubby novice (5í 8Ē 175 poundsÖugh). Iím also very uncoordinated. A real catch! Iím committed to changing at least part of that (canít change old I guess). Iím completely new to this program. Iíve read the book, listened to a bunch of your podcast episodes, and watched a ton of the videos (before I got started this week).

    I just finished my 3rd workout and have been using the app (and working up from light weights). I want to do a form check before starting week two. I want to make sure I work out and practice fixing any major kinks in my form next week before the weights start getting heavier (and I develop bad habits). Proper shoes have been ordered.

    I filmed today (squat, press, and deadlift) just so I could see if I was even in the right ballpark on all this. I filmed the warmups and the work sets for each exercise (I shortened it and labeled each one). After watching the video, I think I have work to do (I talk about it in the video). Prior to watching the video, I thought my squat was ok and my deadlift was a mess. After watching it, I think it is the opposite. I think my press is in decent shape. Iím probably wrong on all three, however. Did I mention I might also be dumb!?!

    NOTE: This is the first time Iíve been on the forum and I just read that I should have been filming this from a different angle. And I should be using heavier weights. And you donít need the warmup sets. Iím sorry and not trying to be annoying (or waste time). Iím just a dumb newbie! Feel free to make fun of me (or tell me to go away until I can post a decent video)! Regardless, if anyone has time to look at what I have provided and give me any feedback Iíd appreciate it so much.

    BTW, I love all your materials. I'm just not very good at making my body do what I'm reading/watching I guess. Regardless, very helpful. Thanks for putting it out there!


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    I don't think I've ever seen someone shit-talk themselves so much in one post as I've just read, Joey. I think that may be a record. Congrats! And stop it. I've seen much worse.
    If your squats were a person, they'd be this guy...
    I shouldn't be replying to this because they're all not to depth. So I'm going to give you some feedback on the other lifts, and you're never going to post high squats again.
    The bar is too high on your back. Check out Nick D's video on bar placement here. You may have to widen your grip a bit to get it in the right spot. Then squat below parallel. About 4-6 inches deeper than you're doing here. For reference, poke around this forum or check out any squat video on our YouTube channel. If you look at the video and you're not sure, they're probably too high and you won't post them.

    Get your grip narrowed for the press. Index fingers right where the knurl starts and then get your elbows up and forward of the bar. Look at the press videos about grip.

    You can't get the proper deadlift setup with anything smaller than a standard 450mm plate. If the gym doesn't have bumper plates and you can't deadlift 135 and this is your only choice of gym for now, see if you can bolster the plates so the bar is about 8 inches off the ground and start from there until your strong enough to deadlift with the standard size plates the gym has. Also, no touch-n-go deadlifts. If there's a gym nearby that has bumpers and allows chalk, you'd be better off going there.

    There's plenty of videos on the YouTube channel showing coaches coaching lifters on the platform for reference. If you're really as bad as you say you are with controlling your body, you'd probably want to head over to the "Coaching" tab at the top of the webpage and explore some options.

    In the meantime, as long as your form checks comply with the sticky at the top of the thread, we'll see if we can't get you somewhat on track.

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    Ha. I was feeling all good about my squats until I saw the video when I got home and was pretty sure I was nowhere near low enough. I'll fix it. I like Willie's music but will work quickly to get my squats more like Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins...Low!

    This is all very helpful. I'll keep studying the techniques, and keep working in the gym to get my weights up (and further into the program). Recording myself and watching it was very helpful (so I'll keep doing that until I iron some of this out). I'll post conforming videos later if I feel stuck or need a second opinion. If it still isn't sticking I'll find some unfortunate coach to torture! Thanks for the speedy response! I appreciate the help!


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