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    Hello again. Hopefully this is a better video of my squat.
    125lbs for five
    Any tips will be much appreciated!

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    You could get more grip on the bar if at all possible, as far as i can see not all fingers are in contact with the bar. This should help secure the bar on the back when heavy weights come in place.

    Look down and ahead a few feet in front of you, not up, no matter how much you might want to look up, it could mess up your hip drive and make you lift the chest up prematurely

    Stance - Now Rip said it himself that stance is an individual thing i just want to point out the fact that yours is slightly wider than whats recommend in the book. You could go narrower, but if this stance doesnt't cause any problems (knee cave in, not being able to reach depth etc) i don't see why you shouldn't keep it. Cheers, good luck on your NLP!

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    Good advice ^^^^
    Ryan Arnold
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