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    Apologies for the ambient music. Needed to block out the gym music on the recording. Last set of 5 at 395

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    These moved very fast.

    You set your back before the first pull and then immediately released it and never got it set again.

    Squeeze your chest up and hold it there. Reset this between every rep. You are in touch and go territory.

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    Brohan From Rohan. Summon the Brohirrim and let's fix your deadlift.

    Satch is right about needing to reset between every rep. You also need to address the initial setup before the pull and set the back harder.
    Once you get the shins on the bar, you can't drop your hips are rock back. You nudge the bar forward slightly. You can rock back if your weight is on your toes, but the bar shouldn't go anywhere.
    You're not really setting your back that well to start. Try and point your chest at the wall in front of you as you think about dropping your junk between your legs and getting the lumbar erectors to contract. It should feel like you're dropping your belly to the bar. As you do this, all of the "slack" should be getting pulling out of the bar and your arms. You should feel a lot of the weight in your hands if you do this right. On warmups, the bar may actually float off the ground if you set your back hard enough. There's a video on our youtube channel if you search "slack" that will illustrate what I mean.
    Don't drop the hips. Set the back harder and get all the slack out. Reset between every rep without taking your hands off the bar.


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