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    Iíve been working on my power clean form a lot. I decided to just do hang cleans to get the hang of (no pun intended) the explosive hip movement. Can someone please give me some tips here? This is the second time posting a video of my clean. One thing I noticed myself is that I am jumping forward every rep. After searching around here some I figured out itís because Iím touching too low, but in the video it doesnít look like it. If any other problems are apparent, definitely point it out. Thanks!


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    I think you should try to keep your shoulders ahead of the bar for longer. You are not much lifting the bar along the thighs, more like rocking your torso back; the difference is subtle, but the effects are noticeable.
    Also noticeable is a pause in the movement just before the explosion; take your time to make the movement smooth, and then add power.
    Also, a little more patience setting up between reps would probably help; I mean, it's not strictly necessary, but in the learning phase taking a second more is probably advisable.
    Last, but not least, imho the bar might be a tad too light for you; the bar needs to offer a bit of resistance, not much, but enough to make the movement meaningful. I would add maybe 5lbs, no more.

    Hope this helps.


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    yeah. Just stand up really fast, and rack it.

    You are trying to overdo the "power position" thing and getting lost, getting your shoulders behind the bar too soon.

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    Keep your arms straight and the bar on your legs the whole time. DRAG the bar from the knee, up the thighs to the jumping position. Jump UP rather than popping the hips forward and keep the bar close.


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