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Thread: Sq/Dl form recheck

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    Default Sq/Dl form recheck

    • wichita falls texas june seminar date
    • las vegas nevada august seminar
    34M, 6'5", 220lb
    For reference: Previous session 320x5x3, 2/2/20, Rip told me to narrow my stance.
    Set 3 from last session
    Today 325x5x3 + 1 failed set, 2/4/20, I promise it is only paint.
    Set 3
    Set 3 fail on rep 3 what I think happened: cervical extension->start to raise chest and not hips?
    Set 2
    Set 1
    Today 405X3, failure on floor of rep 4. Barely restrained rage. Down from 425x5 on 1/19/20. Sorry for shitty contrast b/c of black sweats.
    405x3, fail on 4
    Thanks for the help,

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    Squat: you need to shove your knees out harder and do a better job at keeping them out. Also, your head is all over the place — Pick a spot approx 6 ft in front of you on the floor and stare at it. You are correct about that killing your hip drive. Invest in some squat shoes and maybe a pair of shorts that don’t look like they’re splooged on.

    Deadlift: hard to see, but it looks like you could set your low back better. This is likely a result of the too narrow grip preventing you from getting your knees out a bit and allowing you to shove the belly down between aforementioned knees. Lock that bar in with your lats and drag it up your legs.

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    Squat stance is still too wide.


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