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    here is my last squat from yesterday, and i would like to hear your opinion about it.

    overall it felt better then it did on the last few workouts, but i noticed some things i would also like to hear your opinion on:
    1. first of all Depth - i'm not quite sure if it is just the camera angle, would like to hear your input.
    2. falling forward - doesn't feel like it but i guess the shoes doesn't lie (you can see that they came up from the ground on the bottom), any tips beside sitting back more?
    3. hand position - if you'll look closely you can see that my hand go further out with every rep, for some reason i just dont manage to keep them close to my body, any help with that?

    also, up untill recently i had pain in the lumbar spine area, the pain accourd only when i unracked the bar, and sometimes when the bar bounced a bit from my back at the end of a rep (I got a powerful lockout and because I'm struggeling to keep my hands close it gives the bar a room to move).
    i managed to mostly get rid of the pain after i rememberd a video where rip is queuing to keep the low back tight, it worked great and on lasdy workout (then one filmed) i managed to do everything pain free, but my lumbar spine is still stiff and painfull.
    i can feel the pain whenever at the end part of rounding or hyper extanding the lumber spine.
    any idea on how to relief it?

    that's what I noticed, would love to hear your opinion on anything i can improve.

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    Depth is fine here.

    You are indeed lifting your chest/opening your back angle at the bottom. Look at the path of your hips/crotch; it makes a curved movement forward. I call this "humping the air." At the bottom, reach back with your ass and focus on driving your ass vertically upward, not just standing up.

    Regarding your grip, I'm not sure how they're moving outward while you've got the bar on your back. What you want to work on is moving them in closer. That might tighten everything up and prevent whatever is going on.

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    I have similar thoughts to Satch. I would try toes out a little more. Lean over more. Drive your hips the whole way up(keep chest down). For the grip you simply need to get a tighter grip on the bar. Your hands are hanging loosely over the bar. This will create looseness down the chain. We want tightness.
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