34M, 6'5", 220lbs
Previous session, 2/9/20: Deloaded to 275 to try to push knees out and keep them there, narrowed stance. 275x5, 280x5, 285x5
Set 3 2/9/20
This session, 2/11/20: 295x5x3 from this angle I struggle to tell if the knee is in plane with the foot when the knee is extended.
Almost none of these videos show a complete set, fucking jackals knocking the camera over all night.
set 3
set 2
set 1
Not really sure where to go from here if the knees are still internally rotated too much, continue to progress while trying to fix? deload further? (really hope not). On a good note, my shoes came in so these are the last looks you'll get of these shitkicking new balances.
Previous session: 147.5x5x3. no recording so no changes to form. Using Press 2.0 method.
This session: 150x5,4,4. again people were beating the shit out of the camera so only partial sets are shown.
Set 3
Set 2

thanks as always,