Hit myself in the forehead on Snatch Hit myself in the forehead on Snatch

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Thread: Hit myself in the forehead on Snatch

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    Default Hit myself in the forehead on Snatch

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    I'm in week 2 of training the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Today I was working up to PRs in both lifts. On snatch i hit 195 which is a PR, it felt pretty good so I threw 205 on and gave it a go. Annnnnd I domed myself on the way to rack it. Nothing serious, just a slight abrasion and a goose egg.

    After watching my 195 attempt I barely got the bar past my head (1/2 inch maybe). So clearly I'm doing something wrong mechanically. Some technique help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's 195

    Here's 205 into the front of my skull

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    The shrug at the top of the pull is back. Lead into the shrug with your head, which should also go back. Eyeballs should be forward on the floor 15 feet in front of you, not straight down.


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